Our Mission‍‍‍

Whether we are building your new home, remodeling, or adding on, our goal is always the same. To build exceptionally well with quality craftsmanship, care for our customers, and commitment to achieve excellence

"Ballard Builders facilitated a miraculous transformation of True To Life Ministries' 70 year old building! When we acquired the building 4 years ago, it needed a complete overhaul. The Ballard's exceeded every‍‍‍ expectation and went above and beyond to create a space that is welcoming and inviting. They exceeded every expectation - from remarkable customer service to impeccable construction. It's easy for us to recommend the Ballard's - they are the best!"  ‍‍‍

Meredith King - True to Life Ministries

Rob & Regina Niemeyer

‍‍‍"It is with great pleasure to give credit and recommendation to Ballard Builders, as well as the Ballard family. They are a first class building company as well as a first class family. Our home at 115 Deerwood, Lake Jackson, Texas that I had them build for my wife and I is flawless. It is everything we dreamed of, and enjoyed our experience with them during the building process. I highly recommend them, and they will be the first people I call if I were to build again!"‍‍‍

"Bobby Ballard built my original home back in 1988, my 1,000 square foot addition in 2006 and his son, Hunter, remodeled my bathrooms and kitchen two years ago.  When you experience the best, you stick with them.  Both Bobby and Hunter have vision and follow through with expert execution.  I highly recommend them. "

‍‍‍Deana Watts‍‍‍

Ballard Builder's


Our Office

Stop by our office on County Road 220 in Angleton. We would be happy to meet with you and answer any questions you may have.

Integrity-Well known to be a family company full of integrity

Quality Workmanship- Producing the best possible product with skilled workmanship

Hard Work- We believe that hard work pays off

Accountability- Holding ourselves accountable to the highest level of achievement

Teamwork- Depending heavily on our family team to push for excellence

Passion- Relying on our passion to complete your home with personalized attention and care

Pictured to the left is our family home built in 2005.

Ballard Builders

Ballard Builders





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Committed to Excellence

Ballard Builders Inc.


‍‍‍‍‍‍"Beth and I would like to take a few minutes and express our sincere Thanks to Ballard Builders for the new house.  Last August, when we were dealt a little setback with the destruction of our river house, we were not sure we would ever get our little oasis back.  However, looking back on things, selecting your family to get our little dream back on track was absolutely the right decision.   It started with Bobby calmly walking us through the process and giving us a since of comfort that we needed at that time.  We entered into this arrangement trusting that Ballard was indeed going to take our vision and make it a nice reality.  Along the way, I have been more than pleased with the quality of the construction and the attention to detail.  I don’t think that Beth or I were expecting some of the details and niceties that we’ve purchased J.  Your family certainly knows their craft well!  Hunter was excellent to work with and we felt like he really cared about the product we were purchasing.  I can’t tell you how many people that have come to visit, come by to do work on the site, or even boated up the river have complimented the work.  We are super happy with the outcome and sincerely can’t say enough good things about your family and team.  Would highly recommend Ballard Builders to anyone wanting a great building experience and wonderful end product.  We look forward to moving our stuff in and getting to enjoy the fruits of your labors!"

‍‍‍Barry & B‍‍‍eth Gillespie

"Jus‍‍‍t wanted to let you know thank you for being so patient with us all this time. It was a pleasure to‍‍‍ work with you and we wish you nothing but the best. You're an awesome person. Thank you!"

Guadalupe & ‍‍‍Norma Garza